We collaborated with Croatia-based artist Sanda Anderlon to create three unique summer scenes that are filled with life and colour.

Anderlon is renowned for her busy and brilliant collages and experiments with illustration. Her depictions of the Hollywood hills, a lively pool scene and beach life in LA are all intricately pieced together with an acute attention to detail and an eclectic mix of colours and shapes.


The devil’s in the detail for Croatian artist Sanda Anderlon; we teamed up with the talented digital artist known for her bright and busy collages. Anderlon showcases her acute attention to detail and talent for composition with three exclusive designs that epitomise the spirit of summer with their colour and energy. Her vibrant collages are filled with depth and dynamism and each features countless layers of digital images that blend a wide range of styles from retro to contemporary.

Who or what is the inspiration behind your style?

Gestalten's Lemon Poppy Seed book featured many great collage works back in 2008. I figured scanned retro visuals are easy to mix together and blend very well with crisp digital photos. As of recently the subject or mood I'm covering dictates visual textures more than the ‘old and new’ preset I got comfortable with. I like to keep the density of elements high as it makes artwork more engaging to work on and look at.

Which is your favourite design from the collection?

Probably the pool scene. It's most peaceful of the three yet vibrant, which is closest to my idea of a perfect summer. It's also a rather obvious homage to David Hockney who is one of my all-time favourite painters.

Can you explain a little about the process behind the designs?

First I search for images related to the theme until I have a couple of hundred of them so I can pick and choose later. After I edit them in Photoshop, I place some elements on the canvas to get a broad direction. There's a lot of rearranging, undoing and starting over before I reach some sort of a visual balance. The rest is decoration which is very enjoyable.

Tell us about your favourite holiday?

A summer holiday on Hvar island in Croatia—a bunch of us that went to college together rented a house in Stari Grad (Old Town) which has the loveliest narrow stone streets and squares with little restaurants and a cappella singers. Exploring beaches you can only get to by boat, movie nights on the rooftop and all the partying was much fun, but the reason it's my favourite is because I starting dating my boyfriend on our last day there.

What made you want to work with Orlebar Brown?

OB emanates a drive for delivering top-notch products, plus the theme was based around 1960/70s California that I'm very fond of so it was a no-brainer.

What’s next for you? Do you have any exciting projects lined up?

I'm currently working on a collage for a lovely couple of ballet dancers. It's my first commission not intended for any commercial purposes, but simply to be hung on the wall in their home. I'm also finalising an agreement with a puzzle brand and after that I'm hoping to finish a personal work—an apartment scene—I started earlier this year.