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Neuro-architecture:it may be the first time you’ve heard this term but it’s something that subconsciously impacts us on a daily basis. Defined as the study of how the body and brain respondto the built environment, the practise tends to be more evident in schools, the workplace and hospitals but is increasingly applied to residencies as the wellbeing trend continues to thrive, with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group paving the way for others to follow in its footsteps.

To retrace examples of neuro-architecture, you may be familiar with Baker-Miller pink. A shade of pink developed by research scientist Alexander Schauss, the colour was found to significantly lower heart rate, pulse and respiration compared to other colours, and was subsequently trialled as wall paint in a correctional institute to reportedly successful effect.

It’s not just colour that has an impact on our behaviour; our mood, how well we sleep, our ability to make decisions and our dopamine levels are influenced by lighting, plants, clutter, scent, even the shape of furniture. It might be beneficial then, when choosing your holiday accommodation, to consider how successfully your choice reflects or incorporates its environment to get the most out of your stay.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s affinity for their hotels’ locations is impressive, with ongoing sustainability projects, fresh organic produce sourced locally for their gourmet restaurants and well- communicated efforts to give back to the community and environment at every opportunity.

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrumpredominantly uses groundwater purified by reverse osmosis and solar energy for hot water heating, causing a truly immersive experience that goes beyond décor. Acclaimed international designer Antonio Citterio was drafted in to employ his renowned harmonious approach to design and architecture:“The vision for Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum was to design a free-flowing space in an elegant, contemporary style, providing the absolute feeling of being at one with nature.” It’s not a new notion that spending time in nature does wonders for our mental health, with public gardens created for relaxation dating back centuries ago.

Surrounded by olive groves and pine forests, Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum is nestled on a scenic hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea and combines the Group’s oriental heritage with the area’s traditional Turkish aesthetic. To really take in your surroundings, organise a day trip including a tour around the idyllic Bodrum coastline by a traditional Turkish gulet with lunch or via helicopter. Return to rest, with interior design featuring natural elements that merge the building with its Paradise Bay surroundings, in which over 100,000 trees and one million native plants have been planted into natural soil.

Guests can unwind amongst teak and dark wood furnishings detailed with locally quarried stone, bespoke hand-woven leather headboards and a soothing neutral colour palette in one of the 136 guestrooms. A visit to the Spa reveals traditional Turkish hammam bathing and products that use olive oil, sage and lavender from the resort’s own gardens. The hotel is even designed to take full advantage of natural light, with its layout carefully considered for energy efficiency and its benefits on our health .

So next time you’re in a hotel, ask yourself, “Does this feel like a true representation of the country I’m in?” If the answer is no, are you really making the most of your holiday or are you just the same person in a different place?

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