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Ten years ago we launched our tailored approach to swim shorts with the original and best ‘short you can swim in’. Since then it has been a fabulous journey that has seen us add photographic prints, special editions and our personalised Design Your Own service to our swim range.

Celebrating our tenth anniversary felt like the perfect time to introduce something brand new and exciting.

The Bulldog Sport is a multi-purpose short designed to be flexible in function. It’s built and designed for maximum movement; the technical nylon blend has 13% stretch for a more flexible finish and weighs just 70G. This ultra-lightweight composition is coupled with the part-elasticated shaped waistband. Finished with colour-matched zip pull and nylon side fasteners to adjust.

Modelled on the same block as our Bulldog and featuring all the same DNA as our OB Classic swim shorts this is a shape inspired by classic tailoring but reworked for a contemporary sporting finish. Its technical details mean it is purpose-built for activity, adventure and adrenaline while the tailored silhouette makes them perfect for relaxing in the bar or by the pool afterwards.

We’ve created the perfect holiday hybrid to take you from the weights to the water. Staying in shape when travelling or on holiday can be tricky but with a little creativity you can combine exercise and exploration—we’ve put together some suggestions to keep you moving when you’re on the move.

Our Bulldog Sport shorts are tailored for flexibility and they’re great for getting active—we believe life is best spent outdoors so grab your GoPro and get started…


Whether you’re an experienced surfer or it’s your first time as a complete novice, paddle boarding is an exciting and accessible way to get you out on the open water. From sharp-nosed race boards to wider width boards perfect for yoga on the lake. Why not book a paddleboard tour to see the sights from a different perspective.

Our Logan rash guards will keep you comfortable while you’re on the water.


If it's adrenaline you need then make a splash and try your hand at cliff diving. Try the island of Ko Phi Phi Don in Thailand for warm water and infinite possibilities. Jump on a long-tail boat and explore Wang Long Bay—you’ll find diving spots as well as perfect blue-green waters.

Team Bulldog Sport with the fully swimmable Larson shoe for sure-footed style.

It’s easy to get involved in classic sandy sports like volleyball and beach soccer but if tennis is your game why not try a few sets backdropped by Austrian Alps or the Hawaiian horizon in Kamuela. There are a number of stunning hotel tennis courts in iconic locations all over the world.


We caught up with Roger Frampton—international model, TED speaker and corrective exercise coach— to see what he thought of our new sport swim short. His naturalistic approach to fitness requires no gym memberships, no weights and no equipment.

Bulldog Sport In Action Interview

The Frampton Method’ is all about natural movements and techniques using bodyweight—what inspired this approach

As a personal trainer I was travelling around and teaching the world how to 'get fit' the traditional way. Then, when I visited a kid’s gymnastics class I was amazed by the remarkable mobility of the six-year-olds there. I asked the gymnastic coach how much flexibility training these kids do and he replied ‘they don't really, they're just like that’. At first I was a bit shocked, I’d always thought of flexibility goals as something to be achieved but if we are already born mobile then shouldn't our goal be to re-attain that flexibility?

From that day forth I had a completely different approach to human movement, to put it simply: 'We were all born mobile. Our mission is to get it back and maintain it.' As I spoke of in my TED talk kids will happily sit in squats—they're not exercising, that's just how we are designed to relax—but as we start attending schools and spending hours and hours sitting on chairs we lose this natural squat position.

Here are my top three bodyweight movements to help you improve your flexibility:

- Sit in a squat daily -

Be careful not to bob up and down, just sit there as low as you can with your heels in contact with the floor and learn to rest again. This is a natural resting position for your body.

- Stretch your spine -

Watch TV or play on your laptop whilst lying on your front on the floor to extend your spine. (Imagine the position of a sphinx statue, resting on your elbows.) Most days we are sat in a flexed spine position and this position will help to reverse the damage caused by long periods of sitting and staring down at our phones.

- Flex your hips -

Re-learn the ability to put your toes in your mouth just like you did as a baby. This simple exercise is great for keeping your hips mobile. If this is too easy for you try taking your foot over your head. No hip replacements for you!

Bulldog Sport In Action Interview

The Bulldog Sport is designed for different environments—the gym, the pool, outdoor sports etc.—how did it work within your routine?

I was fortunate enough to test the Bulldog Sport in all of those environments and I am delighted at how adaptable the shorts were—to flexibility training in particular. It’s easy to restrict the natural movement of our body through our choice of clothing; from skinny jeans to tight blazers.

It's important when you're training to wear clothes that are fit for purpose and have a complete free range of movement. What's great about these shorts is not only are they fully flexible but they have a very modern silhouette that looks great too

We know that you travel a lot, how do you keep fit when you’re on the move?

My whole philosophy is that the body and the environment in which you exercise will always be enough. A little bit of creativity using what you have around you has the potential to bring an array of benefits to the body. Learning a handstand for example only requires a wall and you can generally find one to practise on in any hotel room.

For the majority of gymnastics exercises you don't need any equipment whatsoever. What's more important is angling your body in the right direction to add more resistance, so instead of going from a push up to a bench press you'd work towards a one arm push up. This is far more challenging and engages more core muscles and you don’t need added weight to practise it.

Bulldog Sport In Action Interview

What did you first notice when wearing the Bulldog Sport?

The first thing I noticed is there is no restriction in my movement. For me that's a priority. Having a short that not only is flexible but also has a tailored fit to show off these pins I have to say is genius. Well done.

You’ve been to some amazing locations around the world, any favourite beaches or hidden paradises?

One of my favourite ever locations I've been to was the D-Hotel Maris in Turkey. This place had an outdoor gym on the beach, several restaurants, beautiful views and even stocked Orlebar Brown shorts.

Where is the most exotic or interesting place you’ve exercised?

A couple of years ago I spent a couple of weeks travelling around the islands of the Dominican Republic with my brother which was magical. I pretty much spent the majority of that holiday practising hand balances on a sun lounger.

Roger Frampton | @rogerframpton