From 21st November to 29th November 2021 Orlebar Brown is supporting Blue Carbon projects that restore coastal ecosystems with our partner SeaTrees.


With every purchase through our stores or online, SeaTrees will restore 1 square foot of kelp forests in Palos Verdes, California – less than one hour from the new Orlebar Brown shop in Beverly Hills.

On Earth Day 2021 SeaTrees announced their first major milestone: 1 Million SeaTrees planted and protected. That includes 125,000 sq. ft. of kelp restoration funded in California, USA.

They are working hard to find quality, new projects where we can work together to plant the next Million SeaTrees. Longer-term, the goal is to support 100 blue-carbon projects in threatened coastal ecosystems by 2030, in-turn becoming a global leader in developing blue-carbon projects.

We believe that the oceans are wonderful to enjoy on holiday, but they must be cared for because they have superpowers – and we can work with the oceans to reverse climate change. But there's no time to waste – the global scientific consensus is clear that we have the next 10 years to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

O.B has joined SeaTrees on a mission to take action on climate change by regenerating coastal ecosystems. And this week we have turned Black Friday Blue – where every purchase helps to restore 1 square foot of kelp forest.

Working with The Bay Foundation to restore kelp off the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This is one the largest and most successful kelp restoration projects globally, and the techniques employed are being replicated around the world. More than 50,000 sq. ft of kelp have been restored so far, and there are plans to restore in excess of 40,000 more in over the months ahead.

Globally, kelp forests sequester 5-10 times more CO2 out of the atmosphere per hectare than tropical rainforests. Keeping our oceans and planet healthy. Learn more about SeaTrees and other ways to be ocean positive.