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Off the beaten track beaches

The thrill of the undiscovered beach is one that’s close to our hearts. From Scotland to Brazil, black sand to palm tree paradises, we’ve got five beaches that are off the beaten track to give you inspiration for your winter sun getaway.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

What appears as a floating Adriatic fortress is actually part of the Sveti Stefan resort, which incorporates this once separate island and the mainland as one Mediterranean utopia. Sveti Stefan has the twofold charm of quaint cobbled roads as well as the tranquillity of its adjoining beach with pinkish sands. The narrow isthmus joining the island to the mainland makes the picturesque beauty all the more striking.

Image credit – imageBROKER/REX Shutterstock

Jericocoara Beach, Ceará, Brazil

As far as the competition for unspoiled landscapes go, the Jericoacoara beach in a small fishing village of the northernmost municipality of Brazil is a very strong contender. With white golden sand that gradates into the transparent water of the turquoise waves, you can take in the striking nature of this paradise while swaying softly on a hammock that is surrounded completely by a foot of water with the temperatures similar to a Jacuzzi.

Image credit – imageBROKER/REX Shutterstock

Black Sand Beach, Vik I Myrdal, Iceland

Renowned for its huge ‘sleeper’ waves, the Black Sand Beach is a destination to remain on the shore, in the perfect position to stand back and appreciate the untouched landscapes. A truly unforgettable beauty, the Black Sand Beach resides just beneath the Katla volcano in the southernmost village in Iceland.

Image credit – Design Pics Inc/REX Shutterstock

One Foot Island, Aitutaki, The Cook Islands

Dazzling and so remote you can get a special stamp in your passport, the natural beauty of One Foot Island is a well-earned treat after the 45-minute flight from Rarotonga and the trek across the sand plain (but only when the tide is out). Nestled in between swaying coconut palms, there’s only one cabin that can be rented on the tiny island of Aitutaki, which makes it a truly exclusive experience.

Image credit – ddp USA/REX Shutterstock

Camas Daraich, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The undisturbed Camas Daraich beach, at the far south of Skye, can only be reached by walking three-miles from its nearest road. With its cove of fine sand interspersed with huge slabs of rock, it is one of Skye’s least known albeit most idyllic beaches. The view from the lighthouse makes it a prime spot not only for watching marine mammals swim by, but also for unrivalled views of the surrounding Eigg and Rum islands.

Image credit – Travel Library/REX Shutterstock

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