ICE - A High Performing Capsule

ICE - A High Performing Capsule

Dear reader,

This is your invitation to take the path less travelled.

Introducing ICE, an elegant technical capsule of high performance outerwear, merino layers, t-shirts, and swimwear. ICE is designed for the intrepid and crafted with harsh terrains in mind.

Whether you’re taking on the Brecon Beacons or Base Camp, it’s imperative that your wardrobe is up to the challenge. Before you take the plunge, join us in an adventure through the ICE capsule, where we’ll be unearthing the most innovative technical details and exploring ensemble pieces to help you weather the storm (literally).

Take the path less traveled

The ICE capsule from Orlebar Brown is waterproof, weatherproof and fashionproof. Nowhere is this more clearly epitomised than in the hero of our collection, the elegant Zeller coat. The longline fully waterproof down-fill coat is as resilient as it is sophisticated, with high specification details camouflaged in a handsome Night Iris colourway.

Zeller is built to take on the elements with an 80/20 responsibly-sourced down-to-feather fill providing fierce insulation in harsh climes. Importantly, the waterproof exterior boasts a four way stretch which, whilst being suitable for heavy snow, is still breathable due to the tri-layer nylon fabric.

The Zeller’s clean lines give the impression of a sleek and minimalist piece. However, concealed beneath the robust outer shell are body-mapped seams and magnetic features. These include magnetic snap closures on the deeply angled hip pockets which keep your valuables safe whilst preventing water leakage.

As temperatures plummet, the Zeller is a winter coat to be relied on. We’re proud to present the Zeller at the heart of the ICE capsule. It’s a main character coat, crafted to stand the test of time for the adventurous among us.

Your invitation to get lost

If the Zeller is the King of the ICE capsule, then our Volta trousers are next in line to the icy throne.

These down-filled showerproof men’s outdoor trousers are a cool compliment to your high performance jacket. Intricate technical features including innovative four way stretch nylon and 650 fill power down will keep you cosy in the coldest climes.

These might be some of the most high spec outdoor trousers you can find. Yet, as with the whole ICE collection, high performance details are elevated to a new level by elegant cuts and sharp tailoring.

The Volta men’s trousers are breathable to 20,000gsm/24hrs and crafted with Orlebar Brown’s signature tailored fit (because a confidence boost is always welcome, whether you’re half way up Kilimanjaro or venturing out to an early January apres ski bar for the fourth afternoon in a row).

High performance layering

Behind every high performance outdoor jacket-and-trousers combo is a collection of sleek and mighty layering pieces. From our chunky Taku roll-neck jumper to our smooth Forel sweatpants, the ICE capsule is certainly the go-to home for cold weather layering.

Smooth to the touch and supple on the skin, merino wool is our weapon of choice for the ICE collection, and for good reason. It’s a light and intelligent fabric which helps to insulate in cooler climes whilst retaining a weightless feel.

Mix a deep navy Night Iris coloured top layer like the Neilson jersey merino sweatshirt with a bolt of mazanine blue on your bottom half for a beautifully balanced ensemble. Layer up in these high spec pieces, and you might even start looking forward to those icy 5am starts.

Defy expectation in ICE swimwear

You read that right – swimwear in our ICE collection. Who are we to deny you the refreshment of Cumbria’s icy tarns or the soothing power of thermal waters at the end of an alpine trek?

Whatever the season, an Orlebar Brown collection would never be complete without fresh new takes on our famous men’s swim shorts – or as we prefer to call them Shorts you can swim in. To complement the balanced blue block colours which make up much of the ICE capsule, we’ve introduced a boldly patterned take on our Bulldog swim shorts.

The Bonded Bulldog swim shorts are crafted from 100% recycled polyester in a stunningly unique cloud/mazanine Ice pattern. The fresh colour palette is reminiscent of early mornings on the mountains, where pale shards of sunlight announce a new day on top of the world. The print is complemented by sleek bonded PU details and Orlebar Brown’s signature side fasteners, this time in sophisticated black enamel.

We firmly believe that there’s always room in your suitcase for a pair of O.B swim shorts. Pop them in and you’ll never have to wonder “what if?”.

Embrace the cold

What is it that our mothers always told us about keeping warm? That the most heat is lost from the tops of our heads. We’re not sure about the science, but we don’t see the point in taking any risks when the ICE capsule is complete with such refined head and neck-wear. After all, we’re nothing if not practical (or so we tell ourselves, taking swimming trunks to Nepal).

Hats and scarves are personal. We all know – or think we know – whether we suit knitwear or not. But if not, why not? Accessories in the O.B ICE collection may well change your mind.

Turn heads for all the right reasons in the elegant and understated Jorda beanie hat. It’s a daypack staple knitted in shrink-resistant 5-gauge Merino wool and finished in a robust ribbed style.

For even icier climes, look no further than our Iskar merino wool rib snood. It’s the last layer and final line of defence when it comes to facing the elements. When the glacier beckons and you really need to wrap up every inch, these chunky knits are your new best friends.

A sustainable commitment

Sustainable fashion is not just a buzzword at Orlebar Brown. We take our impact on the environment very seriously. We follow a ‘Measure, Reduce, Rebalance’ model which means working with Blue Carbon Projects to rebalance anything we cannot reduce.

It is our ambition that wherever we go, the only thing we leave behind is a trail of positivity. Our new, intricately technical ICE collection brings these values to the forefront, as it should considering our focus on exploration and adventure in the natural world.

Importantly for us, the collection is built around carbon balanced products (look out for the green footprint symbol). We’ve also taken steps to reduce our environmental impact by opting for fluorocarbon-free fabric bases, only using down feather fills which are Responsible Down Standard certified, and ensuring that our merino wool products are all mulesing free to guarantee that the animals in our supply chain do not suffer.

If you’d like to learn a little more about Orlebar Brown’s environmental values and propositions, read about our Sustainability Journey here.

Cool, calm, and collected

We’ve just scratched the glacial surface of the new, high-performance ICE capsule by the innovative team at Orlebar Brown. If you’d like to find out more about the products which will suit you and your upcoming adventures, please reach out to our O.B concierge team on phone, whatsapp, or over email.

Now, let the explorations begin.