Powered By Sunshine

Behind the scenes of Summer Sport

As a constant in our lives, it’s easy to take the sun for granted whether it’s shining or not. Central to our solar system, it gives life to our ecosystem, boosts our mood and provides us with vital light.

With sunshine comes tangible and emotional energy, causing activity to spring into action; hibernation ceases, adventures beckon, we even socialise more. Whether chasing the sun to Australia mid-winter or investing in a therapy lamp to get our daily dose of vitamin D, there’s no denying that sun-seeking is a natural instinct for most of us.

The Summer Sport collection was created following the success of the Bulldog Sport short, offering a complete wardrobe for the activities that go hand in hand with sunny days, such as volleyball, surfing or sailing.

Our friend Jeremy Jauncey, Founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations and Summer Sport ambassador, put the collection through its paces in Ibiza. Cliff-diving and beach running aren’t unusual activities for the travel and fitness enthusiast; he’s accustomed to improvising when always on the move, resourcefully using logs as weights or free diving in open water.



Jeremy took to the tides of the Balearic sea to see how the collection would fare against the elements. Sailing La Bella Verde , a 34-foot catamaran from eco-friendly boating company of the same name, he tested out our UPF 50 rash guards, fast-drying nylon shorts and bio-ceramic tees for an adrenaline-fueled, endorphin-boosting day.


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La Bella Verde's fleet run on the same juice we do—sunshine. Fitted with solar panels to charge the silent electric motors, their experiences aim to create lasting memories while working in harmony with the environment.

Based at the southernmost tip of Ibiza in Ses Salines Natural Park, their team can charter trips to the uninhabited island of S’Espalmador or organise snorkelling at the stunning Posidonia meadows. The underwater crop of purifying Posidonia Oceanica plants is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. Not only a habitat for numerous species, it produces large amounts of oxygen, creating the stunning transparency and turquoise colour of the Formentera waters.

Follow Jeremy’s lead and discover more adventures with La Bella Verde .