Finding The Perfect Swim Short

Can We Help You Choose?

When we launched in 2007 we had just four shorts in five sizes and four colours. Since then our swim collection has grown to include a wide range of tailored classics, sporting shapes and much more. We’re here to help if you’re spoilt for choice.


The first decision you’re likely to have is choosing which length of short. We have four classic lengths of shorts as well as the Dachshund, which is a brief.

If you are very tall you might want to steer clear of something too short such as a Springer, our shortest pair, and try our longer length Dane shorts. Likewise if you are not so tall then obviously you can opt for a shorter option such as the Setter and possibly steer clear of longer/to-the-knee options as they may swamp you.

It's simply about proportion.

If in doubt, then something mid length, like our popular Bulldog, is always a good starting point. A marker for a mid-length (6ins in seam) short is fractionally above the halfway point between your knee and the start of your in-seam/between your legs.

The Correct Length
Model is 184cm / 6’ tall and wears a size 32


No matter your shape or size, in everyday wear a man will always look better in a well-cut suit. This principle is no different for our swim shorts.

Fit is central to everything we do at Orlebar Brown and it’s what makes our shorts special. We believe a tailored fit can flatter any figure; not too tight, not too loose—just right.

All our classic swim shorts feature our fully functional signature side fasteners; simply pull to adjust for a perfect fit. To ensure you have the right size you should just be able to tuck your fingers inside the waistband of your shorts.


When choosing a colour or print you should consider your skin tone and personality.

If you are naturally fair then perhaps avoid bright or neon hues as they may make you look washed out. If you have darker skin then you can really celebrate something vivid. Navy, dark green, slate grey and black are always a safe bet whoever you are, as are most mid blues.

Reflecting your personality

Colour and print can also be seen as an extension of your personality. Someone who is naturally extrovert will probably feel more comfortable with a zany print. While soft pastels and classic colourways may suit those better who prefer not to be the centre of attention. Classic geometric patterns on white backgrounds offer an easy, and timeless, way to bring energy to your outfit.

If you want a print or a design that is really bespoke and totally personal to you then try our Design Your Own Service. We can create a fully personalised pair of #Snapshorts based on a photo, graphic or design. Whilst these take a few weeks to create, they are completely unique and offer a perfect way to celebrate a favourite moment or image.


Orlebar Brown launched as the tailored approach to swim shorts. Based on the traditional pattern of a man’s pair of trousers we remain the original and best short you can swim in. We wanted to consciously move away from visible elasticated waistbands and baggy, shapeless swim shorts.

Quality is paramount. Each of our OB Classic tailored swim shorts is crafted from over 60 individual elements, features and benefits include:

  • A four-part shaped waistband
  • Side fasteners to adjust for the perfect fit
  • Rear darts for a superior shape
  • Zip fly instead of Velcro, just like an everyday short
  • Two front pockets
  • Zip pockets to keep coins, keys and cards safe
  • Inner net lining for extra comfort and security
  • Rear locker loop to hang up for drying


Our OB Classic swim shorts are the original and best, tailored shorts you can swim in. We’re so confident in their quality, that we offer a five-year guarantee on all our OB Classic shorts when you register them.

The OB Concierge

Ever since we first launched we realised that our best ambassadors are our customers; excellent service and communication was one of our founding principles. We try our best to ensure you are delighted with our products and our customer service and we always want to hear your feedback and to know when we get things right and wrong.

Quality is so important to us. The OB five-year guarantee is an indication of how we will look after you in years to come and we pride ourselves on the trust we have built with our customers—we realise this can be easily lost and hard to win back. If you’ve purchased a pair of OB Classic swim shorts from us then don’t forget to register them here.


Call us on +44(0)20 7785 6941, email us on or talk to us on live chat. One of concierge team will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect pair of swim shorts.

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