Image by Morgan Maassen

As we launch a new exclusive capsule collection in collaboration with The Mustique Company, we delve into the history of the private Caribbean paradise that holds a unique charm for society’s elite.

Mustique’s story began in 1958, when Colin Tennant, the 3rd Lord Glenconner, bought the tiny and unremarkable island. Formerly a sugar plantation of only three miles by one and a half, with no roads, jetties or water supply, this rough diamond was a rare blank canvas amongst the established destinations of nearby Barbados and St Lucia.

A vivacious and eccentric character within high society, Tennant counted Princess Margaret as a close friend. When he gifted her a plot of land as an engagement present, Mustique’s beguiling reputation was born. A steady stream of rock stars, royalty and supermodel guests ensued in search of the lavish parties, paparazzi-free beaches and breath-taking views they’d been told so fondly about.

When visiting, it wouldn’t be unusual for you to share the island with Mick Jagger, Tommy Hilfiger, Bryan Adams, Kate Moss or Prince William and Kate Middleton. Running into them however would be unlikely, such is the blissful seclusion of each guest’s villa. You can even rent Princess Margaret’s sprawling former retreat, Les Jolies Eaux, complete with five live-in staff to make your stay as indulgent and comfortable as possible.

With an environmentally-conscious ethos, a relaxed atmosphere, genuinely warm hospitality and a disarming ability to dispel egos, Mustique makes for a uniquely down-to-earth yet suitably opulent choice for those seeking true bliss.

Image by Morgan Maassen

In celebration of The Mustique Company’s 50th Anniversary, we’ve created a capsule collection of three designs, each featuring photographic prints which capture the essence of the island in a palette of saturated hues including azure blue and lush green. An aerial shot offers a tranquil depiction, while another shows the much-photographed gingerbread-house-style pink and purple boutiques.

Especially for the collaboration, we delved into our archives to bring back one of our Slim Aarons exclusive editions, featuring the famed photographer’s February 1989 image, Pierre Vincent Marais holidays with friends on the island of Mustique in the Grenadines.

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