Jeremy Jauncey

Man Of The World

Introducing Jeremy Jauncey, Founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations, as our Summer Sport ambassador. Travelling to over 50 countries a year, we asked him to share his secrets on maintaining his healthy lifestyle when always on the go.


Since launching Beautiful Destinations, how has your fitness regime changed?

It’s been erratic to say the least! When you’re tired and hungry you make bad food choices and skip pushing your body in the gym. Given the amount of travel I do, I’ve had to find ways to stay motivated as getting started can be a little harder. I’ve done this by sharing workouts on social media or reaching out to people in the fitness industry to trade ideas or tips to keep us all motivated and hold me accountable!

As someone who travels so much, what do you do to beat jet lag?

Two simple things: change all the clocks on my phone, watch and computer to the time of my destination the day before I fly and.... train! Working out helps me sleep more than anything so I always train when I travel.

What motivates you to keep fit?

It’s the most important habit I have and without it I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. The physical benefits are undeniable and everyone likes to look healthy but the mental benefit is just as important for me. It helps me focus, gives me clarity of thought and provides a break from all the other things I have happening in my day. I also love the challenge of starting a day achieving a goal, whether it’s a heavier weight or harder cardio session.

How has travel given you the opportunity to exercise in an unconventional format?

When you travel, you have to be creative when you exercise: some of the most memorable workout routines I’ve done have been sprint sessions in pineapple fields in French Polynesia, free diving with sharks and turtles in the Maldives or ‘weights’ sessions in the jungles of the Philippines with logs and branches. The common theme is improvisation; you can always find a way to challenge your body with a bit of creativity.

You’ve got to jet off for a last-minute business meeting in L.A. You have five minutes to pack. What do you take?

OB Setter shorts and Sammy tees, of course! I love the Campbell trousers and wear them with a smart blazer or dress jacket. Headphones, my laptop and a good book are the only other things I need.

What’s your favourite item from the Orlebar Brown sports collection?

Definitely the Bulldog Sport shorts, they go everywhere with me.

Jeremy Jauncey Interview
Jeremy Jauncey wears - Bray in White, Bulldog Sport in Rescue Red
Jeremy Jauncey Interview
Jeremy Jauncey wears - Bray in White, Bulldog Sport in Rescue Red

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