Greg Williams Behind the Scenes

To coincide with the launch of the 007 Heritage Collection in collaboration with EON Productions, we teamed up with prestigious British Photographer, Greg Williams to capture the essence of Bond for the campaign. Praised for his behind-the-scenes work on the 007 movies and leading our previous campaign at Villa TreVille in Positano, Italy, Williams was naturally the first person we approached.

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Ever wondered why the movies are set in enviable Caribbean climes? It could be because James Bond author Ian Fleming (1908 – 1964) wrote all the 13 novels from his GoldenEye base in Oracabessa Bay, Jamaica. After discovering the bay, Fleming fell so in love with it that he sketched his dream home and named it ‘GoldenEye’ after a naval operation during his Commander days. Surrounded by tropical topography, the villa was Fleming’s favourite hideaway and where the James Bond character was born. Just as sophisticated as the infamous spy himself, Fleming (previously Lieutenant Commander Fleming) exuded sartorial elegance: silk cravat, cigarette holder, coiffured hair, you get the picture.

"When it came to the campaign location, it felt only right to visit Bond's birthplace ourselves." To truly immerse himself in the project, Williams lodged in Fleming's villa, now the at heart of the luxurious GoldenEye sanctuary."

"I'm actually staying in Ian Fleming's room with the desk where he wrote all of the books" said Williams after inspecting the spot where Casino Royale (1953) was imagined. "Having had a really close association with the Bond franchise, [this is] a big deal for me!" He added before opening the wooden shutters, as Fleming often did, to reveal the pool and tropical canopy.

Bond 007

Model and previous collaborator, Justice Joslin also joined us for the mission.

"He’s got a timeless look that doesn’t look like he’s trying and that’s really essential," Williams commented when asked about the casting. "Bond also never looks like he's trying.”

Joslin's athletic past came in handy once the shoot was underway. From diving off boat tops in our white Bassett Swim Trunks, becoming Bond in Thunderball (1965), to sprinting across Crab Key Beach in our Riviera Blue Trousers, re-enacting the iconic Honey Ryder scene in Dr. No (1962), Williams put him through his paces. However, in true secret agent blasé, Joslin embraced the challenge.

One piece from the collection caused a particular stir on set, the Linen Suit from On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). When thinking back to the day of the shoot, Williams remembers the atmosphere well:

"We had one of those beautiful Caribbean downpours of rain. You could almost see steam coming out of the ground and off everyone’s bodies as they were shooting."

This mood trickled its way through the camera and into the resulting images as Joslin posed next to Fleming’s pool while rain danced across the surface.

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Bond 007