We get up to speed with the Formula 1 star

Formula 1 racing driver Daniel Ricciardo has a reputation not only for his deft moves on the track, but for his infectious upbeat attitude. Otherwise known as The Honey Badger, Ricciardo has a motif of the animal on his helmet to remind people that although he may also look harmless, he’ll show no mercy if you cross him.

Orlebar Brown + Daniel Ricciardo
Orlebar Brown + Daniel Ricciardo

For the launch of the collection, we picked Ricciardo’s brains on travel, pseudonyms and drinking from sweaty shoes.


When did you first become interested in racing?

From as young as I can remember. It’s definitely been in my blood since day one.

Did you have a career plan B?

Not really, I wasn't passionate about much else at the time I left school so I’m glad racing worked out!

How do you get ready before a race? Do you have any preparation rituals?

I’ll go through a warm up with full body movements, reaction drills and plenty of music.

What’s been your favourite race?

Baku 2017 was pretty hectic! And my first win in Montreal 2014 was special. Fortunately, I have been involved in a lot of fun races. Sunday is the best day of the week!

How do you celebrate a win?

As of late, by drinking champagne out of my race shoe.

We read that you once used the alias ‘Simon Hectic’ to check into a hotel. Do you find that your privacy has been compromised since you’ve become successful?

A bit, for sure. You have to be selective where you go out sometimes as you know some places will draw attention and I'm not always up for that. I like staying pretty low key.

Do you enjoy the travelling aspect of your job?

I've learnt to enjoy it and these days it's one of my favourite parts of the job. I've had some amazing life experiences all around the world because of it and met some great people.

How much time do you get to spend in your home country Australia?

Normally a month over Christmas back home in Perth, and I'll try to get another week in during the year at some point.

Is there anything you love to do as soon as you get back home?

I love having a good Aussie breakfast! I also enjoy getting away from the city either down south or up at some of my friends’ farms where we can ride dirt bikes, sit outside under the stars and catch up on the last 11 months of not hanging out. With a beverage in hand of course.

And where are your favourite spots there?

Down Margaret river south of Perth is beautiful. Byron Bay and Noosa are also some of my favourites on the east coast.

How does Monaco compare?

It's pretty different. I mean, weather and ocean are similar but it lacks the space that Australia has. Monaco is tiny, Australia is insanely massive.

What does Feel Summer mean to you?

I love walking out into the sun and feeling it hit you straight away. It reminds me of growing up as we had hot summers in Perth. I love not having to throw on much clothing and even simple stuff like looking out the window and seeing the sun blazing—it will always make me smile.

What inspired you when creating your exclusive swim short collection?

Places I've travelled mostly. They've left me with great memories.

Which is your favourite pair and where will you be wearing them the most?

Probably the Austin pair with the music, food and cowboy vibe. I’ll be wearing them wherever it’s warm!

What’s your most treasured item of clothing?

I live for the summer and it makes me happy on so many levels so my swim shorts are genuinely some of my greatest pieces of clothing.

Orlebar Brown + Daniel Ricciardo
Orlebar Brown + Daniel Ricciardo