Premium men’s resort shorts

How to choose resort shorts for your next adventure

Premium men’s resort shorts

You may not be surprised to learn that we take men’s shorts rather seriously here at Orlebar Brown. We know that a perfectly fitting pair of shorts can make you feel confident as well as comfortable. Bold, solid colours will anchor a holiday outfit while printed and patterned pairs can lift otherwise subdued styles. Resort shorts are key, often undervalued pieces that exist right at the heart of our holiday wardrobe. We’re here to guide you as you search for the perfect resort shorts for your next adventure.

Resort shorts by Orlebar Brown

The way that you feel in a pair of shorts should always be the deciding factor. We have crafted our resort shorts with that in mind. They hug, flow, sit, and support in all the right places because we use traditional men’s trouser patterns to build every pair. The extra confidence boost you get from wearing shorts that are expertly fitted to you is what sets us apart. It’s why reaching for Orlebar Brown shorts goes hand in hand with getting ready for a day well spent, where you feel good because you look great.

We’re on a mission to help men feel fantastic on holiday, so we’ll start by giving you a helping hand deciding on the right resort shorts for your shape, style, and personality.


If you’re looking to kick back by the sea but don’t fancy getting wet, you could opt for some of our more relaxed fit styles in a shorter or mid length. Our Wetherlam style in white sand is a great choice for seaside strolls with a laid back fit and slightly longer length for a little extra sun coverage.


A full day of sightseeing is never for the faint of heart. Don’t underestimate the need for comfort whether you’re hopping between museums or rambling around ruins. Our classic Bulldog shorts in a soft cotton twill will keep you comfortable and confident from start to finish. If you prefer a slightly longer length then opt for the Norwich linen style for a smooth, light, fuss-free day.


Long, languid, laid-back lunches are a right of passage on holiday. Tailored resort shorts and a loosely buttoned linen shirt are our go-to uniform for passing these delicious hours. O.B top tip: pick a pair of holiday shorts with our signature side fasteners so you can stay comfortable regardless of whether you’re having a light bite or facing the full tasting menu. The Harrop shorts in a light but tailored linen blend will take you from sunrise to sunset with every course in between.

Complete the look

Feel confident from head to toe by pairing your holiday shorts with these Orlebar Brown accompaniments.

Whether you’re lounging on the Alamfi coast or trekking through the tropics, perfectly fitted resort shorts will live at the heart of your holiday wardrobe. We want you to feel confident the moment you slide yours on and have crafted our shorts with only the highest quality materials to make this possible. We hope our guide has helped you choose a pair (or two) that you can’t wait to pack into your holiday suitcase. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to our online concierge team for a personalised consultation.


Match your new O.B resort shorts with our minimal and oh-so-functional Larson swimmable trainers. Their clever technical details make them perfect for your pre-dinner stroll on the seafront and their clean aesthetic pair up elegantly with both tailored and relaxed shorts.


Easily dress your shorts up or down by choosing the right shirt texture. Keep it casual with our geometric print Howell shirt which is crafted with velvety soft terry towelling for a luxuriously laid-back look. Alternatively, hit the smart-casual dress code with a tailored Giles shirt, available in a sumptuous linen blend to keep you cool in warmer climes.


You’re on holiday and you’ll wear shorts if you want to. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sophistication. Slip an Edgar towelling Blazer over your OB-T and resort shorts combo to add a healthy dose of personality to your outfit. You can also make sure the weather doesn’t spoil your adventure by popping a sleek Sommers black down gilet in your suitcase. The Sommers pairs surprisingly well with both mid and longer length tailored men’s resort shorts.