Celebrating 007: 60 Years of James Bond

A stirring new collection from Orlebar Brown

Celebrating 007: 60 Years of James Bond

16th of January 1962. Kingston, Jamaica. Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, and a crew of producers and directors begin filming the 007 spectacle that will change cinema forever.

In the last 60 years, 007 has had an impact on filmmaking, culture, and society at large. For us, Mr Bond and his associates have had an irreversible impact on men’s fashion. Ian Flemming’s protagonist carries himself with a dignity and gravitas which deserves to be celebrated. The only way we know how to do that is through style.

“You believe in living dangerously, I can see that.” (Bond, ‘Dr. No’)

We’ve been inspired by the confidence and charisma Mr Bond has emanated ever since he first appeared on the big screen in Dr. No 60 years ago. It’s why we’re so proud to share in the 60th anniversary celebrations with a vintage 007 James Bond collection centred on the film which started it all.

Why Dr. No is a Yes from us

“See that captain, that there's the Caribbean.” (Quarrel, ‘Dr. No’)

The crystal waters, inky night skies, and white sand beaches where Dr. No is set are irresistible to those of us who live for scorching beach holidays. There’s something sublime in the way that Dr. No juxtaposes intense action with the serenity of Caribbean climes.

The film’s poster - which now has a real retro feel - brings these elements together perfectly. We couldn’t resist immortalising the image of James Bond and Honey Ryder on a pair of our most popular men’s Bulldog swim shorts. Our James Bond swim trunks are best worn when emerging from the warm waters of tropical climes for your very own Daniel Craig moment.

Like all Orlebar Brown swim shorts, the tailoring is detailed and the fit is precise. We use the pattern of a men’s suit trouser to craft a perfectly tailored men’s swim short, or as we prefer to call them ‘shorts you can swim in’. Our Bulldog style James Bond swim shorts can take you from lush waters to the bar’s edge in seconds due to our specially engineered quick-dry fabric.

Dr No Opening Scene Swim Shorts

Name a more iconic intro sequence than James Bond’s. We’ll wait.

The music. The mystery. The moment when Sean Connery turns suddenly to face the camera, quite literally staring down the barrel of the gun. It gives us shivers every time.

To complete our capsule collection of James Bond swimwear we’ve captured the famed Dr. No intro sequence on our Bulldog swim shorts. The effect is striking, sharp, and monochromatic with a flash of red naming the film’s title in the bottom right hand corner.

Just like all Bulldog styles, the Orlebar Brown James Bond swim shorts are fitted with our signature side fasteners. These give you the freedom to tighten and loosen around the waist for a pristine fit in the water, on the poolside, and throughout the day and night.

What Would Bond Wear?

A unique feat of engineering, if I may say so. (Dr. No, ‘Dr. No’)

We’ve often wondered what Mr Bond would choose from the O.B collections. While some at Orlebar Brown believe the secret agent would opt for classically cool silhouettes from our signature ranges, others are sure he’d reach for the intricately technical fabrics we’ve used to craft our new Ice Collection.

What we all agree on however, is that James Bond would require a perfectly fitted polo shirt in more than one bold hue. It’s why we’ve included the Ryder, a James Bond polo shirt made specifically for our 60th anniversary collection. Its smooth and supple towelling texture is complemented by block colours. Choose from light blue Riviera, Midnight Navy, or bright and brave Red.

All three colours are crafted to work beautifully with our Dr No Trousers, available in the complementary Riviera blue tone. Cast your mind back to the crystal waters of Jamaica’s coastline by going head to toe Riviera blue or mix and match the colours for a fresh and dynamic ensemble.

Lounge in Luxury

Dr. No’s Mr Bond took his work seriously. That said, he took his down-time just as seriously. ‘Shaken, not stirred’ might be the saying that has stuck, but ‘work hard, play hard’ is the motto that Bond always lived by.

Too bad you have to go. Just as things were getting interesting. (Sylvia, ‘Dr. No’)

We knew that our 007 capsule collection would never be complete without a piece which recognised Mr Bond’s penchant for after-dark activities.

With a nod to the flawed scientist who mistook Mr Bond for a far less perceptive agent, our Dent Dr No Bathrobe is a piece crafted purely for lounging. Choose from Mid Blue or Midnight Navy which both hint at dawn awakenings and late night encounters.

All That Glitters

This is gold, Mr Bond. (Goldfinger, ‘Goldfinger’)

Yes, Dr. No is where it all started, but - in our opinion - Goldfinger is where it got going. The style was taken up a notch with daringly sharp tailoring and androgenous notes.

We couldn’t help ourselves when crafting our 007 60th Anniversary collection. We just had to include Janni.

Inspired by the opulence and elegance of Goldfinger, the short all-in-one style is a conversation starter of its own. Janni is brave like Bond, but equally devilish and just devious enough to remind us of one of our favourite villains of all time, Goldfinger himself.

With a beautifully tailored silhouette, this piece hugs and skims in all the right places to complete a style worthy of the big screen. Both the paired back Shell and Midnight Navy colourways are finished beautifully with a subtle gold clasp to accentuate the craftsmanship and soft edges of the piece itself.

60 Years of James Bond Style

World domination. That same old dream. (Bond, ‘Dr. No’)

World domination is not on the Orlebar Brown to-do list, you’ll be glad to hear. We’re happy just bringing a little extra confidence with luxurious fabrics and a passion for precision tailoring.

The pieces which make up our James Bond clothing capsule will not turn you into the 007 agent. But rest assured that we have stitched every piece with the confident demeanour of James Bond in mind. If wearing the sleek and sophisticated Dr No Trousers makes you walk a little taller then we’re happy. If pulling a pair of our striking James Bond swim shorts out of your suitcase makes you smile then we’ve done our job.

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