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Mens Health Awareness Month

World Mental Health Day

There is no easy way to say it:men’s health is at a crisis point across the world. The statistics are shocking:A man dies by suicide every minute of every day; men live, on average, five years less than women; preventable diseases are on the increase. These are cause for alarm – though they should not be cause for despair.

Seeking early help for mental and physical problems is something that men rarely do. Together, we can change that. At Orlebar Brown, we want men to look good – but also feel good, too. So, for the next month, in recognition of Men’s Health Awareness month, we will be talking exclusively about the issues around our health. The reason for this is simple – the quicker we normalize talking about these topics, the quicker we can say goodbye to those frightening statistics.

Our aim over the next month is to create a positive space for us all to engage in conversation about how we feel – and how best to access help if we need it. We will cover a wide range of topics, including finding a real sense of purpose; a guide to confidence today; redefining masculinity; LGBTQI+ mental health; burnout in 2020; suicide prevention and we will speak to the team at The Royal Marsden in London about cancer, early detection and how to handle conversations delicately and sensitively.

"As a fifty-five-year-old man and with the benefit of hindsight, I know just how important it is to discuss and raise awareness about the various issues men face when it comes to health. I wish we'd been able to have these conversations more regularly in the past as they are invaluable. All of the issues raised this year will affect most of us at some point in our lives."

Adam Brown, Founder of Orlebar Brown