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Summer Sport - Jeremy Jauncey

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Switch between exercise and downtime in style with the new collection designed for performance, as worn by Founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations, Jeremy Jauncey.

Summer Sport - Fit Meets Function

Fit Meets Function Summer Sport

An evolution from the bestselling Bulldog Sport, we’ve blended technical fabrics with tailored fit to equip you for all activities from volleyball to surfing.

Collection Features

1. UPF 50 Skin Protection

All our form-fitting rash guards are made from Lycra-blend UV-resistant fabric with a UPF rating of 50.

2. Quick-Dry Nylon

Used for our Bulldog Sport shorts, our quick- drying nylon and elastane blend offers increased stretch for maximum movement.

3. Featherlight Construction

Larson, the shoe you can swim in, is built with an ultra-lightweight 201g sole. An open-mesh woven upper and perforated insole allow fast drainage.

4. Bio-Ceramic Technology

Combines with your body heat to produce far infrared radiation (FIR), helping to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and aid post- exercise recovery speed.

Summer Sport - The Campaign

The Campaign

Putting the collection through its paces in Ibiza, Jeremy cliff-dives and sails in Summer Sport.

Summer Sport Ambassador - Jeremy Jauncey

Summer Sport Ambassador Jeremy Jauncey

Sharing our passion for travel and fitness in equal measure, Jeremy shows innovation and preparation are key to maintaining a healthy body.

“When you travel, you have to be creative when you exercise. I’ve done free diving with sharks and turtles in the Maldives and ‘weights’ sessions in the jungles of the Philippines with logs and branches. I need to have lightweight, high-quality clothing with me for this so my favourite item from the collection is Bulldog Sport—they go everywhere with me.”