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Black Beaches


The Most Photogenic Black Sand Beaches In The World

 Black Beaches


The black sheep of beaches, black sand beaches are often neglected due to their tendency to get very hot. Time your trip right and come equipped with some Haston flip flops or Larson shoes, and you’re guaranteed to discover some unforgettable and unique scenery.


Lovina Beach, Bali


The best beach in North Bali for morning dolphin watching, you’ll find calm seas at Lovina Beach that sweep across grey and black volcanic sand. Retreat here after experiencing Canggu and Seminyak’s lively beach bars to restore in tranquillity.

Papeno’o, Tahiti


With 118 islands in French Polynesia, you’re spoilt for choice for beaches but it’s those on Tahiti that feel the most unique. With dramatic black sand, palm trees and a mountainous backdrop, Papeno’o offers great waves for beginner surfers.

Honokalani Black Sand Beach, Maui


Practise your photography at the picture-perfect Honokalani Black Sand Beach, formed over millennia from rough surf breaking up hardened lava. Hawaiian people consider the area sacred with its many naturally-formed blowholes, stone arches and caves.

Playa Negra, Puerto Rico


Playa Negra is discreetly located on the southern shore of Puerto Rican island Vieques. A treat for explorers, there are only eight car parking spaces nearby and after a short trail hike you’ll arrive to find an unusual pattern of honey-coloured and deep black sand.

Karekare, New Zealand


Offering a wild and atmospheric beauty, the firm black sand makes Karekare Beach a stunning destination for morning runs along the west coast. Situated 35 kilometres from Auckland, you’ll need to drive down a narrow yet scenic twisting road that only adds to the whole experience.


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