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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Orlebar Brown manufacture in England?

Are the shorts true to size?

Does Orlebar Brown offer mid-sizes?

Has the sizing of the shorts and shirts changed?

I'm having trouble with the website - can I make an order by phone?

I am a U.S. based customer, is there a toll-free U.S. number?

There is a difference in sizing between shorts of the same size and style, is this normal?

Are all your shorts suitable for swimming?

Why do I have to pay V.A.T. if I am outside the E.U.?

I live outside the U.S./E.U/A.U., have ordered from the U.S./U.K./A.U. website and have been asked to pay handling and custom fees – why?

Why, if I receive your e-mails, am I being told my e-mail address is invalid when retrieving my password?

How can I see the prices in Euros?

I am an Australia based customer, is there an Australian number?

I am based in Australia, how do I contact the customer service team?

Where are orders dispatched from?

Does Orlebar Brown offer free returns?

How do I use my free returns label?

Do Orlebar Brown offer free shipping above a certain threshold?

Do you have a refer-a-friend scheme and how does it work?

I’ve been referred to Orlebar Brown by a friend and they said I just need to enter their name to get a discount that they offered me. Where can I do this?

I’ve referred someone. How do I know whether they’ve bought anything and whether I’ve got a reward?