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Clever & Cute Cover Ups

I was born and raised on the sunny West Coast of America, so it’s in my blood to love the sun. And who doesn’t feel their best with a golden vitamin D-infused tan acquired slowly and safely? Sadly though, that’s not always how the story plays out. Often when we are out in the direct sun, we forget just how dangerous it is to be exposed without protection. We focus on how cute we look in our bikini, how great the warmth feels and we forget the real dangers of skin damage, skin cancer and aging.

It’s so easy to be outside for long periods of time, relaxing and having fun, without realising just how much sun you are absorbing. And often by the time you notice, it’s too late and the damage is done. There’s sunscreen, of course, and it remains essential, but there’s only so much of it that you can – or want – to apply, especially when you’re at the beach and it quickly becomes a sticky mess with sand and salt water.

My solution has always been to cover up, but never at the expense of looking good– it’s the surfer girl in me! Whatever you are doing in the elements – surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, making sandcastles, running or just sitting on your bum – the best solution is chic UV-protective clothing.

It must be stylish and it must feel good! I call it “sun fashion” and it’s no longer just for kids. I never leave for my holidays without an assortment of rash guard tops, that I can pull over my bikini or one-piece at any time, and rash guard suits, which are now seamless and sexier than ever and can be worn all day long. I swim in them, run in them and lounge in them knowing that I am protected and still looking good – the ideal combo, right?

We can’t afford to be complacent about sun protection but neither can we be complacent about how we feel and look when we are enjoying our well deserved holidays either – so grab a super sexy crop rash guard, layer it up and enjoy the rays……safely!


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Carbon Bodysuit


Aloha Women’s Cropped Rash Top


Atoll South Pacific Illustrations Photographic


Palm Beach Pool Queue Photographic


White Classic Brief With Side Adjusters


Surfs Up Knees Up Photographic Rash Top

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Home > Blog > Clever & Cute Cover Ups